Some pictures of mine Here are some photographs taken on a vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado, in September of 1995.

I did the prints myself, which was a lot of fun. There's a photographers' co-op in Boston with both a B&W and color lab, which you can rent by the day. I've never done this before, except once last year with some B&W stuff. So far, I've spent 20 hours in the lab, and have 14 8x10 finished prints, and three 11x14. My friend, Baseball Bill, (aka Bill Chapman of Chapman Photography) tells me this is a pretty good ratio. The cost per print comes to less than $12.
No, I'm not a professional photographer, but I have been mistaken for one, on occasion, which is gratifying.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a separate page with a larger image, and some descriptive text. The images range in size from about 90K to just under 170K.

Click here for more photos from 1996. Enjoy.
These are all .jpg format graphics.
All images and text copyright 1994-2001 Bill Robertson. All Rights Reserved.

Long's Peak from the West. 84K.
Long's Peak from the North. 123K.
Elk in Horseshoe Park. 105K.
Rainbow along Old Ute Trail. 93K.
Deer in Fall River Basin. 165K.
Mountains of the Never Summer Range. 123K.
Bear Lake in the morning. 120K.
Beaver Pond in the morning. 99K.
Fall River Basin from the Alpine Visitors' Center. 129K.
Tiny Elk from the Alpine Visitors' Center. 162K.
Nymph Lake in a snow shower. 84K.
Dream Lake in a snow shower. 93K.
Sunrise from Horseshoe Park. 63K.
Duck on Sheep Pond. 111K.