Some pictures of mine
Here are some photographs of mine. Some are of places near my home, and others are from a vacation in Colorado in September of 1994.

And here are some pictures from September 1995, my most recent trip.

No, I'm not a professional photographer, as any professional photographers who see these will know immediately. I have been mistaken for one, on occasion, which is gratifying.

But I am now, officially, an Award-Winning Photographer. I just found out that one of the pics here won the Grand Prize in a photo contest based in Estes Park, CO, which is where most of these were taken. The prize-winner is in the large composite graphic, the 3rd one from the left on the top row.

Each anchor below will take you to a separate page with a larger image, and some descriptive text. The images range in size from about 100K to just over 300K.

If you have any problems downloading these, please write me at I'm suspicious from some of the log entries that maybe some folks aren't actually getting the images, but nobody's complained yet, so I don't know.
This path will access all .jpg format graphics. All images and text copyright 1994, 1995 Bill Robertson. All Rights Reserved.

These are local scenes, near my home.

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA
Hall's Pond, Brookline, MA

These are from a September '94 vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado.

Horseshoe Park
Old Ute Trail
Bear Lake Reflection
Bera Lake in the snow
Long's Peak, from Flattop Mtn Trail
Aspen along Bear Lake road
Grand Prize Winner --> <--
Duck at Cub Lake
an Elk bugling
another Elk
a tundra flower
Gem Lake
Long's Peak
a Marmot at Rock Cut
along the Cub Lake Trail