Some pictures of mine Here are some photographs taken on a vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado, in September of 1997. It was a pretty gray and rainy two weeks this time, and I didn't get much in the way of scenic shots. Fortunately I'd bought some new paraphernalia for taking close-ups, so that's what I did.

I did the prints myself, which was a lot of fun. There's a photographers' co-op in Boston with both a B&W and color lab, which you can rent by the day.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a separate page with a larger image, and some descriptive text. The images range in size from about 60K to just under 100K.

These are all .jpg format graphics.
All images and text copyright 1997, Bill Robertson. All Rights Reserved.

An aspen tree in the forest, along the Bierstadt lake trail. 87K.
Reflection on Bear Lake. 80K.
Reflection on Bear Lake. 96K.
Reflection on Bear Lake. 96K.
Mule Deer Doe along Gem Lake trail. 78K.
Duck sitting on Bear Lake. 66K.
Two Ducks sitting on Cub Lake. 58K.
Elk Bull bugling 68K.
Elk Cow 63K.
Flower 52K.
Blackeyed Susan, with frosty edges 98K.
flower 83K.
flower 70K.
Common Harebell. 54K.
Flower. 55K.
Steller's Jay, at Glaciar Gorge Falls. 60K.
Aspen Leaves, after the rain. 66K.
Frosty leaves. 97K.
Frosty, Foggy morning in Moraine Park. 74K.
Aspen leaf on Pine bough. 89K.
Seed puff. 60K.
Double Rainbow above Horseshoe Park. 56K.
Reflection on Sprague Lake. 55K.
Common Thistle. 55K.

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