My Colon, From the Inside

My Colon, From the Inside

Yes, as promised, here (for no good reason at all other than the fact that I have them) are 4 pictures taken of my colon, from the inside, during a colonoscopy performed in March, 1995.

No interpretation, just presentation, folks. Except that the red in the 4th one is blood, due to a biopsy sample taken at that spot.


Ok, you sickos, since I put these here in March '95, tens of thousands of people have looked at them. This leaves open the question, of course, of who's sicker, you for looking or me for making them available.

Here's a joke contributed by Elysia Fionn:

What did one colon say to the other inside a starving man?

"We'll have to make doo with what we have."

Now who's sick?

yuck! eeeuuuww!
ugh! gross!

I've had 4 or 5 more scopes since those pictures were taken. Never got around to posting the pictures, but here are a couple from my most recent scope in April of 2004.


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