Let's Chat!!

Several people have mentioned irc channels devoted to IBD lately, and others have asked about them. I've never cared for that stuff, personally, and so I haven't kept up with it much. But I can't let my prejudices get in the way of progress now, can I? (I remember reading one message from someone who logged in to one channel called #cd hoping to talk about living with Crohns Disease, and logged out when he realized everyone else was talking about cross dressing.)

So here's the first of what I hope will be several updates about available chat channels. I gather there are a bunch, and I will leave it to all of you afficianados to figure out which ones to patronize. But I hope people will write to me to let me know of the others. If you do write, please be sure to give lots of information. Remember, there are a lot of people getting computers these days who don't know everything, and need help getting started with this stuff.

So, without further ado, here's the first Announcement.


Wanna b**ch and moan? Or would you just like to talk to others who live with the same garbage you do?

Let's get together on #CDUC_Support on DALNet.

I've set up a regular time: Mondays, 8pm-9pm CST.

For information about DALNet:

You can also find info about and download a great IRC client:

If you want to ask me questions about IRC (Internet Relay Chat), get server suggestions, or want alternative meeting times, email me at lildeb9@interaccess.com.

Hope to see you soon!

Another source for info on IRC is at www.eyecandy.com.

Keith Lowery has added a page on his site that tells all about his Sunday Night Chat. He gives instructions about how to connect and includes links for downloading the necessary software.

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